Tales of a legendary hero and his relentless reputation have been heard for generations. His skills as a craftsman of wild spirits and his knowledge of the Chihuahuan desert, allowed him to traffic the best quality Sotol throughout the Northern Mexican pathways and outermost corners.

This is how Señor Sotol became the most important smuggler of the region during the prohibition era until it's legalization in 1991. Today, his soul is still present among us whenever Sotol is poured.

To wild Spirits!

Señor Sotol


TYPE: Sotol Joven | ALC VOL. 43%
VILLAGE: San Nicolás, Durango
ENSAMBLE DASYLIRION: Texano / Cedrosano / Wheeleri
PROCESS: Small batch handcrafted
GRIND: Solar Powered Eletric Mills
STILL: Copper
Water Source: Mountain Spring

Señor Sotol is produced in an old abandoned hacienda in the village of San Nicolás de Acevedo, close to the magic village Nombre de Dios, Durango by maestro Sotolero Juan Conde. The combination of our dasylirions selection comes along as a perfect balanced Sotol that contains the best characteristics of each one of our varieties.

Tasting Notes

Smoked cacao, sweet tobacco, vanilla hints with a pepper finish. Smooth sweetness with a funky aftertaste.

To Wild Spirits